Mae angen i bethau ystyried pan fydd eich plant ar y maes chwarae
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Taking children to the park requires parents or guardians to observe the surrounding areas. This would include the stability of the commercial maes chwarae, the maintenance of the ground surfacing, and whether anything appears outdated. Parents are a reliable resource for helping park administrators find problems to help them fix and improve the quality of park play equipment and other backyard playset. Here are the things need to consider when your kids at the garden play.

1. Be Careful Where You Step

When your children play in the park, they watch where they step to avoid falling or tripping. Right before play slides, check the surrounding area for visible obstructions or dividers that you can point out to your children to look out for.

2. Byddwch yn Ymwybodol o'ch Amgylchoedd

Pay attention to your kids and their surroundings. Again, this seems like a given, but it’s easy to get caught up in relaxing, reading or scrolling through your phone while sitting near the toy equipment as your kids play. 

3.Follow signs and safety rules

Teach your kids about the signs and help them follow the guidelines. As a parent, you have to be aware of all the safety rules and make sure your kids don’t fall in any danger. Also, make your own safety rules for your kids and make them aware of those.


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